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Introductory Private Package
This package is for new clients only. It includes 4 private sessions with the option to add a small group class.
Private Sessions  4 Pack $200
Private Sessions  4 Pack  + 1 Small Group Session  $215

Private Sessions
A Private Session is a one on one session with one of our instructors. These sessions allow for the instructor to program directly to  the individual needs and preferences of the client.  A Private Session is most appropriate for clients who are looking for specific results or who have any significant special conditions or limitations that may make their participation in a group class dangerous or ineffective.
Single Session  $77.50  /  4 Pack $290 /  8 Pack $540 / 

Duet Sessions
A Duet Session is one where one instructor works with 2 clients. Duet Sessions are composed of 2 people who want to practice Pilates together ( spouses, friends...).  A Duet Session may involve both clients having the same program or it may be constructed so that the clients are directed and supervised by the instructor to follow individualized programs based on each participant's unique needs.  Duets are a great option for people who benefit most from Private Sessions, but enjoy the lower price and/or company a shared session offers.
Single Session  $57.50  /  4 Pack $210 /  8 Pack $380 /

Trio Sessions
A Trio Session is a session as described above for a duet, but with three people instead of two.
Single Session  $47.50  /  4 Pack $170  /  8 Pack $300  /

Small Group Sessions
Our Small Group Classes max out at six participants to one instructor.  Participants are guided through exercises on a variety of equipment to get a well-rounded and full Pilates experience.
Single Session  $30  /  4 Pack $110  /  8 Pack $200 /

Combo Packages
8 pack Private/Duet  $460  /  8 pack Private/Small Group $370   /  8 pack Duet/Small Group $290  

4 packs expire 5 weeks after date of first session
8 packs expire 6 weeks after date of first session

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